Teaching Maths and NVR For 7+ Exams

Did you know that the vast majority of marks are collected through calculation-based questions?

Of course, there are many topics that are included, but the fundamental skills students must learn are different forms of calculations.

I find that new 7+ tutors struggle with:

🔶 Knowing where to start with the vast Maths curriculum

🔶 Planning how to cover the entire curriculum in a short time

🔶 Clashes between the methods students have learnt vs what they need to learn

Non-verbal reasoning is a complementary topic but it’s tough to teach and learn!

In this series, I’ll be giving you structured plans, teaching techniques and resources so that you know exactly what to expect from 7+ exams and you can prepare your students effectively.


  1. 🔶 Maths overview
  2. 🔶 It’s all about calculations
  3. 🔶 Money, Shapes and Measures
  4. 🔶 Teaching maths online
  5. 🔶Teaching Non-Verbal Reasoning 

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