Teaching Comprehension for the 11+ Exams

Comprehension is about so much more than just reading!

Exam questions can test:

🔶 Retrieval
🔶 Inference
🔶 Prediction
🔶 Spelling
🔶 Grammar

There’s so many different skills to teach a student before they can have success
on the exam.

In this value packed series, I will use examples from real exams to take you through the:

🔶 Key skills and how to teach them
🔶 Different exam formats
🔶 Different question types
🔶 Exam techniques

And it doesn’t need to be challenging. Using my flowchart and checklists to guide you, you can help your students gain the skills they need while always keeping it fun and engaging!

The Topics:

🔶 Overview of Reading Comprehension on the 11+ exams
🔶 Teaching Retrieval
🔶 Teaching Inference
🔶 Teaching Language Techniques
🔶 Teaching Spelling and Grammar
🔶 Teaching Non-Fiction and Poetry
🔶 Getting Exam Ready

In every module, you will find resources to download and use with your students, concrete examples and absolutely no-waffle guaranteed!

And I don’t just leave you to watch the videos. Join the twice monthly live sessions where we can talk about how these techniques can be implemented with your current students.

Are you ready to jump in?

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