Teaching Comprehension and VR for 7+ Exams

Comprehension is about more than finding evidence from a passage!  

We need to help students with:

🔶 Making educated guesses about words they’re unsure of

🔶 Reading between the lines

🔶 Understanding different characters’ perspectives

These are advanced skills we’re expecting from our young students.  

So in this series, I’ll show you ways to teach the skills in a logical and structured way – all while having fun with learning.

And of course, verbal reasoning helps develop language and vocabulary which is why I’ve squeezed that into this value-packed series.


🔶 From reading to understanding

🔶 It’s all about inference

🔶 Getting exam ready

🔶 Teaching verbal reasoning

Are you ready to unlock the tools to take your students from being beginner to exam-ready?

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