Crunch Time!

After all that hard work, we need to keep things on track in the last few crucial weeks.

Believe it or not, these can make or break the final outcome …

So this series is less about teaching and learning; it’s more about mindset, support and preparation.

As the tutor, you can have a huge impact on:

🔶 Making sure that families aren’t panicking

🔶 Ensuring that students don’t burn out

🔶 Helping students feel motivated, fresh and ready for the exam

But, the end goal isn’t just to help your students pass their entrance exams! It’s to make sure that your hard work is invested back into your business.

So, we’ll finish off with strategies to collect feedback and results AND how to use those to secure more students.


  1. 🔶 Being prepared for the exams – exam skills
  2. 🔶 How to support families in coping with the stress
  3. 🔶 Preparing students for assessment days and interviews
  4. 🔶 How to ensure your student’s success feeds back into your business

Are you ready to make sure your hard work pays off?

Not sure?